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Making a vault for the Catmate 3000 Automatic Feeder by PROTODOG
DAFV Black Tie.jpg
I needed a way to feed the feral cats that were Trapped, Neutered and Returned (TNR) to the back lot. There are several brands of automatic feeders on the market. I chose a Catmate 3000 automatic dry food dispenser. There are great number of ...
Bowl Cozy by PROTODOG
Finished cooler
Feeding feral cats wet food in the summer heat is a challenge. How can we keep wet cat food from spoiling if the cats don't eat it right away? So I thought I'd try an experiment. Set a small bowl inside a larger bowl that is insulated. Fill the ...

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Found a 4 month old kitten. One eye completely closed. No discarge. Looks like no eye ball.. But not sure. Its the weekend. Taking her to vets monday. Any advice.?
by Guest - 18 hours ago
I have kitten 7/8 day old but my kitten does not open eyes. m so worried about my kitten plz help :'(
by Guest - 1 day ago
How can I stop the raccoons that are eating the food put out for cats
by Wanda Bell - 3 days ago
Nothing appears to keep my cavapoo interested. Just want humans playing with her.
by Guest - 3 days ago
Nothing appear to keep my cavapoo interested. Just want humans playing with her.
by Guest - 3 days ago
How old a C ockatiel responds to whistling....my Hans is 12 weeks old and I try to teach him a song by whistling but he doesn't react....?
by Guest HANS - 3 days ago
I have bought a new puppy and my 2 year old female is all day barking at him we are getting very stressed with this situation what can we do some time my 2 year old female run towards the ...
by Guest - 4 days ago

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