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Making a vault for the Catmate 3000 Automatic Feeder by PROTODOG
DAFV Black Tie.jpg
I needed a way to feed the feral cats that were Trapped, Neutered and Returned (TNR) to the back lot. There are several brands of automatic feeders on the market. I chose a Catmate 3000 automatic dry food dispenser. There are great number of ...
Bowl Cozy by PROTODOG
Finished cooler
Feeding feral cats wet food in the summer heat is a challenge. How can we keep wet cat food from spoiling if the cats don't eat it right away? So I thought I'd try an experiment. Set a small bowl inside a larger bowl that is insulated. Fill the ...

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I suggest you'd try posting your question on this forum: http://www.mydogadvisor.com/ There are quite a few users there who knows much more about dogs then I do.
by jade - 3 days ago
Hello, would it be possible for me to purchase a Detroit Autofeedervault from you? i have the automatic feeder already, and it works great for my ferals, but the raccoons inevitable get ...
by jeff - 4 days ago
2 weeks or maybe even slightly more should be expected until a kitten opens his eyes. More then that should be checked with a vet.
by jade - 1 week ago
Wow... I have a dog who is now completely blind from diabetes & before she has the disease I rescued a dog who was on way to pound & after got her realized she was pregnant (previous owner ...
by Heidi - 1 week ago
Heated pet mats. I have had mine for several years without any problem. I use them with straw, too. The cord is only about 5-6' long, though, and for safety reasons must be directly ...
by Viviennevinyl - 2 weeks ago
I just wrote a long response and it disappeared when I tried to add a photo, so I'm doing the photo first and then I'll re-write.
by Viviennevinyl - 2 weeks ago
Hi there, I have an 8 year old mixed terrier and he was brought up with our Beagle who passed away last June (he was 13). We recently got a new beagle puppy and the two have bonded for the ...
by Guest - 3 weeks ago

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