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Making a vault for the Catmate 3000 Automatic Feeder by PROTODOG
DAFV Black Tie.jpg
I needed a way to feed the feral cats that were Trapped, Neutered and Returned (TNR) to the back lot. There are several brands of automatic feeders on the market. I chose a Catmate 3000 automatic dry food dispenser. There are great number of ...
Bowl Cozy by PROTODOG
Finished cooler
Feeding feral cats wet food in the summer heat is a challenge. How can we keep wet cat food from spoiling if the cats don't eat it right away? So I thought I'd try an experiment. Set a small bowl inside a larger bowl that is insulated. Fill the ...

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This animal is grey and has folds in its skin but its folds are less pronounced than its African counterpart. It also has a smaller head.
by Marra M - 1 day ago
First thing to do is to wipe his eyes with a dump warm cloth, best with camomile tea, every few hours and see if it makes any difference. Taking it to a vet would be wisest anyway.
by jade - 3 days ago
This is sometimes referred to as trials or rodeos. Handlers used a stick to pry apart the jaws of the biting dogs.
by Marra M - 1 week ago
If you feed her, try to feed her wet food and maybe even leave a bowl of water she can drink. The most important thing in such cases is to keep her hydrated. I suppose taking her to a vet ...
by jade - 1 week ago
yes she said i can't antib. to cats this young.
by bobbi - 1 week ago
I am going through the exact same dillemma. I have a 7 year old pomeranian and just got an 8 week old pom. The puppy loves my older dog but he wants nothing to do with her. First day he ...
by Sam - 2 weeks ago
That's a good idea. :thumb-up:
by jade - 2 weeks ago

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