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I have four 3 week old kitten and only the females of the litter I think have eye infection or it could be a cold.At first there was yellow stuff running out of their eyes and their noses were running,but now their noses have stopped running and the yellow stuff isn't coming out anymore,what looks to be a scab is forming over their eyes every time they sleep and i have been cleaning it with luke warm salt water and it's not working,please help me what can it be and what can i do?

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A colored discharge indicates a bacterial infection and will need to be dealt with with antibiotics which means you must take the kitten to the vet.

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Unfortunatly it sounds as if home remedies are not the answer. The ASPCA has several low cost vet programs If you cannot afford to take them to a vet. I am relatively confident based on your description of the symptoms that you are dealing with a condition requiring medical, rather than holistic solutions...

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