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I just adopted a kitten 3 days ago on the 15th, Tue from a shelter.

She is a adorable calico and white kitten. She is very small.
--I still haven't set in stone a name for her but I have thought of Sunshine but it just doesn't seem to stick. I've always said wanted to name my next cat, if I got one, Monkey because I thought it was really cute. But I just don't think she seems like a Monkey either. So I guess If anyone also has any ideas on any names I would really appreciate it!

I had to already make an appointment to spay and get a microchip in her in August. These are mandatory when adopting from this shelter and are included in the cost of the kitty.

The only information I was given:
--Intake date: 5/28/10
--Review Date: 6/2/10
--has had these vaccination/treatmen done
---FVRCP 5/28/10
---STRONGID 5/28/10
--and needed a 2nd booster in 3 weeks
--she was a stray
--already eats hard food.
I couldn't believe she should already be eating hard food since she is such a small kitten.

(I've adopted a kitten before about 9 years ago. I wasn't able to take him home though until he reached 2 lbs and was able to he neutered. When I finally brought him home I had to wet his hard food for him still. He was for the most part functional by himself without needed anything special and never got sick once while I had him. He sadly died though last month we are guessing by getting bit by a snake or something. The neighbors yard workers found him under a bush and the neighbors just told them to go ahead and take him away since they didn't have a cat or new who he was. I didn't find out till a couple days later when We sent an e-mail out to the neighborhood about having our cat missing)

So having this past knowledge I went ahead and wet her food with water.(I bought Iams Kitten food) She still seemed to have trouble eating the food so I looked online to see what kittens who are about 4 week old should eat. (Since she is so little I figured she should be around that age)

She also can't meow really well. Most of the time she has the silent meows where she moves her mouth but no sound comes out but I can tell when she does this if i'm not looking because she has a little grunt sound come out

6/16, Wed:
I read that they should still be drinking milk so I prepared some temporary homemade milk formula I found online for kittens and gave that to her for the first time this morning. She did eat that but she did not eat to much. I thought though that might be how much she would eat since she is just a baby. I fed her about 3 times that day where she drank a small amount from a flat dish.

We also noticed this day that she had a small amount of fleas on her so we gave her a bath and got rid of almost all the fleas. Since then I've only seen two and was able to get rid of one but I couldn't catch the other. I also looked and noticed that her ears seemed dirty and thought that it could possible be some flea eggs in her ear. I looked online and what popped up was ear mites. But my mother took a look and said it was probable dirt.

6/17, Thu:
In the morning I fed her again with the temporary homemade milk formula and she still only ate a little amount.
I decided that she seemed too lethargic so I tried to make a vet appointment but couldn't get one till the next day (Friday the 18th) But since food is really important for a kitten I went ahead and decided took her to Pets-mart where they have a vet to see if they could at least just look to see how old they think she is and what I should feed her.

When I brought her to Pets-Mart I took her straight to the vet area and asked if they could just take a quick look at her. The receptionist took her back to the veterinarian and had him look at her.

They said she seem to be about 5-6 weeks old just little for her age and with the quick look they said she seemed to have ear mites and thought her left eye was a little bit puffy so to just keep an eye one it.
They recommended feeding her wet food for a while and eventually going to dry food with water.
So I bought Neuro's Natural Choice for Kittens wet and dry food while I was there. (I checked and found out that Iams uses meat by-products so i didn't like that and found Neuros hopefully a healthier choice)
I also ended up buying a ear syringe for babies and some mineral oil to help with the ear mites because she is going to be to little for any medication to get rid of them.
When I got back home around 2:30 I fed her a mixture of the wet food and some of the formula I had been feeding her. (I didn't want to just switch her all of a sudden and I wanted to use up what I had made)
She ate a little and ended up passing out from the long adventure to the pet store. She slept for about 2 or more hours until she eventually got up.
I was able to get her to eat a little and she wanted to sleep again. So I went ahead and tried the mineral oil in her ears for the ear mites.
I did get her to eat one more time that night but only a little bit.

This morning my alarm went off at 8:30am so I woke up and fed her some of the wet food but again she still didn't eat all of about I would think a table spoon of wet food again. (I'm going to measure next time so I can figure out how much she is actually eating)
I waited for her to use the bath room and then went to get ready.

I went to my vet appointment at 9am and for her check up.
The vet assistant weighed her at 1 lb and left.
The first thing the vet said was that she way to small and skinny for her age. She also said that she was dehydrated, had ear mites, and seemed like she was getting a little bit of a upper respiratory infection. She thinks she is between the age of 4-6 weeks old.

She wants me to feed her every 3-4 hours and continue to feed her the wet food while also give her a milk replacer (I ended up buy the brand Hunts i believe)to feed her at every meal that will help rehydrate her and hopefully bulk her up.

She didn't think that she was old enough to have gotten one of the vaccinations so wanted to wait till she was older and stronger for the second booster.

She told me she was going to to take her back to see if she could get a fecal flotation sample to test for worms, check for sure for ear mites and clean her ears out, and was is also giving her (Subcutaneous Fluid Administration) a shot of liquids to help rehydrate her.

She came back about 5 to 10 min later and got me to come take a look at her ear mites under the microscope.
(They are the creepiest things I've ever seen. I can't believe those are in here ear.)
She had someone clean her ears out with a special q-tip and told me that she was still to young to take the medication for ear mites and told me that in the meantime the mineral oil is the safest way to try to help with them and told me to try to do it once a day.

She also took me over to my little kitty where she was getting her ears cleaned out. The vet said that they gave her the liquids and she immediately seemed to perk up and was walking all along the counters.
I could immediately tell she seemed to have more energy when she kept trying to escape and kept jumping to me.
She told me they were able to get a fecal and see seemed to not have any coming out in her fecal.

The Vet prescribed the antibiotic Rx Clavamox Drops 15 mL (I give this to her twice a day). She also decided to go ahead and start the first series of deworming treatment because being from the shelter it is so common (I am to giver her the other in 2 weeks.)

They showed me how to administer each of the treatments and I was able to leave.

I returned home and she was exhausted and went to sleep. I had to go out and buy her the formula and a couple other things on my list.

I came back and got her Milk replacement ready and her wet food around 1:30 so it had actually already been 5 hrs since she last ate.
I went and woke her up so she would eat. I was able to eventually get her to eat about half of about the tbs of wet food I brought up and a little little bit of the formula. Then she used the litter, slept, and is currently laying besides me on a blanket on my bed.
It still seems though that she is not eating enough. The milk said that for a 1 lb kitten to use 8 tsp of powder and 16 tsp of water. She didn't end up eating even a half of it.

Sorry for the long post and probable some irrelevant information. I just figured too much info is probable better than too little.

So I guess the main things I'm wondering is if anyone has any ideas to get her to eat more.
I would also appreciate any additional information anyone is able to give me on taking care of a kitten since this is my first time with one so little.

Thanks so much for any comments or feedback!
I would really appreciate it.

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From the pictures she is very cute kitten. How is she doing now? I hope she is good. I to have 3 cat all of which were rescued from bad environments. I had a tough time getting them to eat and be active. But after just few short weeks they are all doing great and they are very playful.

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I am having a similar issue with ear mites in a young kitten and I'm unsure what to do. I took her to the vet and they didn't notice it in her ears but today, a day after being at the vet, she started scratching and shaking her head. She is only about 4 weeks old so I don't think they can really treat it. How did the mineral oil treatment work out for your kitten?

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The mineral oil treatment is not effective. Take your kitten to the vet and he'll choose a treatment that is safe to use on kittens her age.

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A type of milk that's really good for kittens is goat milk ( you can usually find this in a grocery store). It's the closest to the milk they would get from their mothers, and is super high in fat. (besides the specific powdered kitten infant formula) Kittens often take well to being hand fed as well. Once she's ready to give dry food a try again try soaking it in warm water, it tends to be more appealing that way. I hope I helped you a little. Using olive oil in your kittens ears is the best thing you could do for her. It's completely natural and wont cause any horrible side effects. What it does is block out any oxygen and make it hard to stick to the inner ear. It needs to be carried on twice for 6 weeks+ to be completely effective as the previous laid eggs need to hatch first.

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I think Baby would be a good name for this little darling!

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This is way too late to help with this kitten, but for anyone reading it, there is a product called Nutracal that is a high calorie, good tasting goo you can get at the vet's. You can supplement food with that and get more calories and vitamins into the kitty, assuming he/she isn't one of the few who doesn't like the stuff. Most cats will lap it right off your fingers.

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