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my cat had 6 kittens, and they are now 6 weeks old, 5 are doing great and eating dry cat food and drinking water, one however, is very skinny and will not even attempt to drink water or eat food, even soft food. He's very skinny and doesnt play at all. We're feeding him pedialite from as bottle (pet stores advice). What can i do to help this kitten eat?

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I think you are doing the best that can be done. I'm guessing that the mother gave up on him long ago and that's why you are feeding him. The mother usually senses when she has a kitten with a problem and wouldn't put effort in him when she has 5 other kittens to look after.

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Thanks for the advice.. when i woke up yesterday morning, he was dead the other 5 are doing well tho. I really hated i lost him, he was so beautiful.

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