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Making a vault for the Catmate 3000 Automatic Feeder by PROTODOG
I needed a way to feed the feral cats that were Trapped, Neutered and Returned (TNR) to the back lot. There are several brands of automatic feeders on the market. I chose a Catmate 3000 automatic dry food dispenser. There are great number of ...
Bowl Cozy by PROTODOG
Feeding feral cats wet food in the summer heat is a challenge. How can we keep wet cat food from spoiling if the cats don't eat it right away? So I thought I'd try an experiment. Set a small bowl inside a larger bowl that is insulated. Fill the ...

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There are a couple of new males, but neither of them are very aggressive except towards one another, and all our other males have been fixed already. But he already came home anyway, about ...
by JCat - 4 days ago
Absolutely GET HER TO A VET! If you don't have money try to work with the vet to set up some kind of payment plan. You could start a GoFundMe page or something if you need to, but she needs ...
by JCat - 1 week ago
My dogs can hold their urine for hours but will urinate on my kitchen floor when I’m not home or relaxing . They are not puppies.
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
Hi Gary: I would like to buy one of your unpainted vaults. I am in Northville, so I could come and pick it up - no shipping involved. I know you have a long lead time on these, but if ...
by Guest - 3 weeks ago
Where do you live? My brothers and sisters are all in Utica NY. We found a place near there to borrow traps.
by Trap gr - 3 weeks ago
It sure sounds like something is bothering him. He is getting old so I would go check it with a vet and check if there is a physical reason to it.
by jade - 1 month ago
Hello; Thank you very much for your response. How do send a PM using this site? The zip code is 90745 and I am looking for the outdoor version.
by Mary - 1 month ago

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