Website for Posting Animals for Adoption
Hi! I have created a website for you to post animals with pictures (if you have them) for adoption. All you need to do is email me the description of the animal and a picture and I would be happy to ...
by DuaneW
Dogs for adoption in Atlanta
Tiny is a beautiful male 1 year old great dane/greyhound mix. He is black with white markings and weighs about 70 lbs. He is sweet and affectionate, neutered, up to date on all shots and heartworm ...
by scotty
Stray Cat Adoption
Hi, Ardy2, Below is from my limited experience, which includes two rescues (domesticated but homeless), one domesticated kitten, and one feral. That's about what I've invested in our recent rescue. ...
by Stevereno
Atlanta Pit Bull rescue puppy for adoption:
... born January 5, 2001) and is doing great with paper training and crate training. There is a $175.00 adoption ...
by sweetmiraidra
Great dane adoption
i am seeking to adopt a great dane, under 1yr. old..must be good with small child (grandchild age 3)..i live in north central florida and have a large yard. email
by SwaTT
Adoption application
... a few cats and now they are healthy, spayed/ neutered and need to go to new homes. I would like an adoption application I could use to help screen prospective homes. Also, I know it is a bad idea to ...
by Heather5382
6 cats for adoption
My husband and I adopted two kittens a few months ago. The owner of the kittens still has 6 to be adopted. The two kittens she gave us are very loving. We have 6 now and it may be a burden to add ...
by bicycle_paul
Australian Shepherds for Adoption
The following dogs are available to approved homes through ARPH. They can be checked out on these webpages along with the many other great dogs on referral from their owners.
by AngelKalas
Chow mix for adoption
We live in Hanford, CA (close to Fresno) and picked up a stray Chow/Golden Retriever mix. She is approximately 2 years old and is very loving and playful. She has had her shots and is spayed. She has ...
by nukular
Australian Shepherds for Adoption
The following dogs are available to approved homes through ARPH. They can be checked out on these webpages along with the many other great dogs on referral from their owners. Australian Shep
by Stevereno
SPCA Los Angeles to Close Adoption Centers
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles is going to close two of its six adoption centers in response to a sharp decline in both donations and the value of the organization's ...
by javiera
Silicon Valley Rescued Cats For Adoption!
... g neuter-release assistance to people caring for feral cat colonies, has several adoptable cats for adoption. We have both cats and kittens, ranging from a beautiful and ...
by GlobalExodus
Male Shar Pei mix for adoption in Atlanta:
Truffles is an approximately six month old red male Shar Pei mix. He is not as wrinkled as a purebred Shar Pei (though he has a lot of Shar Pei in him, not a lot of wrinkles in the face or on the ...
by Terosums
IL Avail. for adoption Malti-Poo
Baillie the app 1 y/o Malti-Poo. Baillie is housebroken,will be spayed before placing,HW neg & on prev. She weighs about 6 lbs. She loves people & is good with kids from toddler up. She knows some ...
by ironpirate
Newmarket, Ontario Cat For Adoption
We had a cat with three kittens 'adopt' us by giving birth to three kittens in our attic about 4 weeks ago. We really don't want any of them, as we already have a dog, and our children are not ...
by mygirlisgood
Wanted to know if there are any pitbulls up for adoption
wanted to know if there are any pitbulls up for adoption
by Guest
Boxer for adoption Arlington, Tx.
I'm a novice at training, but she's caught on well. Heels, sits and stay's. Obediant on the leash, playful off. Spayed, a little over a year old,
by Stevereno
Re: Spay a cat in heat ???
A few thoughts of my own: ** Yes, a spay in heat is more work for the vet because of increased blood flow to the uterus. Nonetheless, as SavAPaw says, there is little risk for a good surgeon. In ...
by pawjam
Re: Red tongue
We're doing an adoption weekend this weekend. I took the two little ones, Louise and one of the older ones, Tonto. We didn't even get all the cages set up when someone was filling out an application ...
by nude-woman
Re: Missing feral cat and kittens
... ding mine have trap, neuter/spay, return programs. They will not place ferals, even kittens, up for adoption because they have not been socialized. We have the same situation. Feral in our shed, 3 ...
Re: Whats the max number of cats for responsible owners?
I have 11 cats and 2 dogs. I agree with KKeeley totally. People need to be looked at as individuals and judged on a case by case basis. Not by some arbitrary number. I would find it offensive also if ...
by Steven_Osteon
Dogs in the Darke County, Greenville Ohio Humane Society
Two Red Shorthair Dachshunds (purebred, intact males 2 years and 4 years old.. no papers) Nipper is a fearful dog who should be in a secure ...
by GlobalExodus
Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix for adoptin in Atlanta:
Shotski (German for 'Sweetheart') is an approximately two year old Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix . She is solid black, about 44lbs., very small head, and very friendly. She is current on vaccines, ...
by AtomicPenguin
Re: Movie about stray dogs in Greece and their defender
Actually, we've seen Mr. Samaras recently and your comment is untrue. Mr. Samaras finally got some help from people interested in animal welfare. He doesn't take in new animals anymore, the number of ...
by Gina
Adoptions Gone Bad (long post)
I need advice... I work for an animal hospital that does rescues and I also do rescues on the side. A lot of my rescues have gone bad recently and I am getting a bad taste in my mouth about ...
by bluemeteor
Re: Im not a dog person, and I dont know what to do...
... hat I was really hoping to see a reply that gave me hope for the pup. So, secondary question, since adoption is out. Assuming that the dog is still in the ...
by 0chas
Re: Advice please: new cat wont eat
Hi, just found your posting by accident - but regarding not eating - it sounds like your new kitty may be depressed. Try adding water to his wet food - so he won't get dehydrated. He needs to get a ...
by AngelKalas
Re: How is the best way to find a home for momma cat and kittens
Post about it in local pet shops, at the vet's office, sometimes there's a pet adoption section in local papers. If there's a local internet site it could be a good idea to post there too. Meanwhile, ...
by jade
Re: Baby (Kitten) Left on our Doorstep
... of them. Sometimes I manage to get the mom too, and she and the brood live in the guest room until adoption time. I really love doing ...
by dfstevens
Re: 4 tabby kittens to a good home!
Feral Friends is a fine no-kill adopter, spay-release and shelter. Contact them at ADOPTION LOCATIONS and HOURS: PETSMART NorthWest Corner of Coit & Campbell Road in ...
by DuaneW
Re: Abandoned kitten
To everyone that responded: After long and painful discussions with my wife and eldest daughter (12), the decision was made to take the kitten to Petsmart here in Southlake, TX. Here at least, ...
by nukular
Our cat gave birth to six healthy kittens four weeks ago, we...
Our cat gave birth to six healthy kittens four weeks ago, we recently noticed that one of the kittens were much tinier and less active then the rest. On closer inspection we noticed that her right ...
by Guest
Re: How to control stray cat population
Spay/neuter is all we have now and it works. Birth control, even in humns, isn't 100% effective. The real problem is paying for it since many won't cough up the cost of a month of cable TV to have it ...
by AngelKalas
Re: Feral cats
... them if they all appear healthy. I would have suggested taking the kittens to a no kill shelter for adoption if they were younger but I am not sure if 6 months is too late. It ...
by pmclark
Re: What Could This Ear Tattoo Mean....?
... that fail to make the grade are rehomed through rescue centres so you would have been made aware on adoption. its possible for the pet owning public to have a dog tattooed as a means of i.d. maybe ...
by GlobalExodus
Re: Biting American Eskimo
Hi :) Yes, I have a suggestion and that is based what was once suggested by a dog psychologist I had called because we were facing the same problem. He suggested those dogs do great as watch dogs and ...
by copper
Rescue Chihuahua - Tulsa, Oklahoma
I have a rescue Chihuahua here in Tulsa Oklahoma. He is a male neutered long coat. He was bare on his chest and tail, but I believe it must have been from a collar they had on him that he was ...
by filip`
Wa State Puppy Mill Closure Update
The puppy mill/dog farm whatever you want to call it that was finally closed at the end of December does has some uplifting stories...Angel is the dog we took from there in October...See her latest ...
by nukular
Re: What animal shelter doesnt kill the animals??
There is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah and Riki's Refuge in Orange Virginia which are both 'no-kill' shelters that let the unadoptable <email> their lives out in comfort. Shameless plug - ...
by saibot_2004

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