HELP. :'( My kitty. :(

I have 3 weeks old kitten. I rescue this kitty because I heard her loud voice meowing outside . So this kitty been with me for I think 2 weeks now. Then this what happen. im on the school when the things I didn't expected will happen. My father who had a brain disorder beated my kitty . ☹️ when I get home I saw her My kitty, Just sitting and her eyes was close. So I guess she was just relaxing or she was just sleeping. But it lasted for an hour so.I decided to check her. my kitty cant open her eyes and cant walk :'( I cried when finally I know why she is.sitting there. ☹️ she got injured. I dont know what . to open her eyes I get warm water to put on her eyes but didnt work. hope you know what will I do now I have to money to pay in.veterenarian im just a teenager high school.student didnt have enough money for myself. I want my kitty to live . I love her so much. sorry . if im not good in english. Im.from.phillipines also btw. Thankyou if there is someone who can help me.or can advice for what I will have from.this . Thankyou.

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Absolutely GET HER TO A VET! If you don't have money try to work with the vet to set up some kind of payment plan. You could start a GoFundMe page or something if you need to, but she needs to be seen to check if there is any internal damage!

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