Introducing A New Kitten

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  1. Keep the kitten in a separate room, like the bath room, for about two weeks.
  2. A few days of seperation, switch rooms for a little while to let them explore each others space and learn the new smells. It also gives the kitten a chance to get acquainted with the rest of the house.
  3. After two weeks, bring the kitten out and hold him/her for a few minutes, several times a day every day, and let the other cat investigate. But don’t rush things.
  4. Watch how they get along. If they seem ok together, let the kitten loose to see how they relate to each other. If any one of them shows any aggression or is frightened , keep them separated for a little longer and repeat the process until they get use to each other.

Be patient and let them get use to each other on their own terms.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: A while ago I found a stray kitten who had been seriously injured in a dog attack so I took her inside while she healed. Meanwhile, my flat mates also had a cat who was territorial. Ultimately, we found another home for the kitten - there was no way the other cat would accept any other cat in the house besides him!
  • PROTODOG: In the twelve years I worked at the shelter, I’ve meet thousands of cats. Their psychology and temperament range from a soft marshmallow to fire breathing hell cat.
    The wounded kitten was lucky to find you. Most people wouldn’t notice a small kitten or know what to do with it and would do nothing.
    It’s not easy to find homes for them and sometimes it’s hard to give them up when you do.
  • Vale: I agree! I didn’t want to give her up, but in the end she went to the perfect home - a kibbutz!

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