Tamed Ferral Kitten Missing?

We have a whole colony of feral cats around our house, and about 3 or 4 months ago a female had her first litter. We already lost one, the only girl, a while ago, but one of her surviving boys really warmed up to us- like he begs to be pet, forces his way into our house, and falls asleep in our arms warm. He vanished around noon yesterday, which I didn't think too unusual since he only shows up sometimes. But then he wasn't at dinner, and didn't show up at all today. I know it's only been one day, and he's probably just at the age where kittens want to explore more, but me and my family love him to death so he worries us a lot easier. Could someone else please tell me if this is normal for a kitten his age to put our minds at ease?

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5 days ago #2
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Where I live the heat season has started and that means male cats disappear for a few days and comes back dirty, hungry and sometimes wounded. I believe it starts when they are about 6 months old. Is there other older males around who might have made him go from their territory? Male cats are tolerant to kittens until a certain age.

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There are a couple of new males, but neither of them are very aggressive except towards one another, and all our other males have been fixed already.
But he already came home anyway, about two days ago. It just freaked us out because we've been seeing hawks around the area lately and he's so unbelievably sweet.

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